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Family doctor and Therapist

The family doctor and therapist are general physicians who have the most extensive knowledge in the medical field, help determine the diagnosis and the next steps in treatment. The therapist is an experienced diagnostician , which give you the most attention, listen to all your complaints and combine them to determine the problem.

The difference between a family doctor and a therapist is that the first one usually watches over the patient or the whole family for a long time, knows the history of chronic diseases, the features of the course, the medications the patient takes and so on. This knowledge helps one to diagnose new health problems more quickly and to prescribe more personalized treatment. The family doctor monitors the progress of the rehabilitation process , the recovery after illness or surgery, prepares the necessary medical documentation, informs in advance of the need for certain examinations or vaccinations. 

You can contact your family doctor or therapist at Manufactura Clinic for any complaints, report unpleasant health issues, subjective feelings, even if they don't seem to be related. The doctor clarifies the existing complaints, their development, asks about previous diseases and chronic conditions, the presence of allergies, operations in the past, hereditary predisposition to diseases. You will have the body review and, if necessary, a particular medical examination. In the end, the doctor determines the diagnosis, prescribes treatment or refers to a profiled doctor. The experience of therapists and family doctors at our clinic allows us to diagnose, quickly and efficiently, to prescribe the further treatment, which saves considerable time and money avoiding unnecessary examinations.

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лікарі клініки мануфактура
Pediatrician, pediatric hematologist
Experience since 1988
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Pediatrician, neonatologist
Experience: since 2012
лікарі клініки мануфактура
Pediatrician. Neonatologist
Experience: since 2010


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For thousands of years, humanity has been plagued by various epidemics that have claimed the lives of millions.


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I want to leave a review about the therapist Mrs. Danilchenko Tetiana Oleksiivna. Very responsible and qualified and professional. Having talked and listened to me, she quickly made a diagnosis, which was completly confirmed with computed tomography. She hes prescribed effective treatment, and what is most importantly, she was constantly in touch and I am very grateful for that. I wish there would be more such sensitive and attentive doctors! Thanks! I will definitely advise others.

User Olena